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CommerceBlitz Wholesale B2B
The Do-It-All Wholesale and B2B Suite for Shopify

Empowering Suppliers:

Customer Management
Company Branding
Inventory Control
Customer Relationship Manager
Draft Orders
Payment Processing
Easy Navigation
Integrates with our Wholesale Platform
March 2020

CommerceBlitz Warehouse Management Suite
Order and Inventory Management Software anywhere you go

WMS - OMS - Omnichannel & More...

Limit Soldouts and Manage Shrink
Including: Order Management
Company Branding
Inventory Control
Multi Location / Zone Control
Bulk Tracking Upload
Reverse Fulfillment (Returns)
Order and Inventory Reports (CSV)
PO Check-In
Pick Tickets
Multi - Warehouse capability
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Warehouse, Order, Product & Inventory Management Systems

WMS - OMS - B2B - B2C Omnichannel & More...

B2b & B2C

Logistics For Hire Services

Helping Your Business Grow

Every warehouse is different. Every workflow is unique. We will provide a custom tailored Standards of Operation Procedure document for the warehouse and customer service team to utilize. This document will spell out your wholesale and retail fulfillment with reverse fulfillment procedures (returns). 

Our in-house team of warehouse professionals provide user training videos on all operations covered in the SOP provided for the warehouse and customer service team to utilize for training. 

All of our modules have a Manual associated for reference. Including How To videos for easy learning.

Our system is so flexible and adaptable it may just feel like a custom piece of software. This allows for workflow customization’s that better suit your business. We will create a complete Warehouse Procedural Manual for your staff to train on. A living document updated with software roll outs and including video tutorials on all procedures. 

Need some help setting up a new warehouse or retooling an existing one? We will provide the software, brains and the hands you need to get off on the right foot. 

Our platform is web based and will run on most platforms. Any 2D scanner will work with our platform. Find what is comfortable for you or simply reuse components from an older deployment for the ultimate in cost saving.