Do I have to buy everything?

Modular system, à la carte

Our system is à la carte and we have levels to suit all to provide you with the scalability to grow. One of our representatives can work up a quote for you after a short conversation to discuss your needs and goals.

Can I get a hands on Demo?

We will cater a demo to your needs

We offer an online demo with our Logistics For Hire team. Since every system is customized, we do not offer a pre-recorded demo for public use as it will unlikely highlight the specific aspects that our client needs.

Is there a limit to about of products?

Virtually NO Limit*

Technically, the limit is roughly *3,000,000 live products. At least that is as far as we have tested. It could be more.

How many users can I have?

Unlimited Users

The number of users is not limited.

Do I need a system for every location?

One is Enough

One version is enough for every location. As long as you are organized with your shelving and do not duplicate location names, you can have as many physical or geographical locations as you wish provided internet is available at all locations.

Will Logistics For Hire get me online for the first time?


We will not only get you online. We will set you up for success. With a huge list of Services encompassing online catalog creation, Product SEO, Ad Management and Marketplace Setup. We can even come to your location and set your warehouse up for you. Just ask your representative for a price.

Can CommerceBlitz be customized for my company workflow and image?

Make it Your Own

Logistics For Hire's CommerceBlitz platform is very customizable. We do have set rules to follow to avoid inventory issues but otherwise we will work with you to provide a written SOP for your warehouse that works with your business. All Pick tickets and packing slips are completely customizable.