New Business Creation support and services: Build your eCommerce business in 14 days for less than $5,000.

Product Catalog Creation

As a vendor looking to keep your edge on current marketplaces or expand into new ones, it’s imperative that you create your product listings in line with every best practice there is. Low-quality listings mean slow or minimal sales for retailers. Knowing what, where and how to list a certain product with the right data is key.

Ecommerce Store Setup

Gear up for the future! We’ll set up a complete point-of-sale system for you that includes all checkout, customer, order tracking features, and custom fields. Leverage Shopify’s superior user experience for receiving, entering, and processing orders. Plus, generate invoices, accept various forms of payment, apply bulk and tiered discounts, and keep a live count of wholesale orders and inventory with the CommerceBlitz B2B Wholesale app.

Website Build and Optimization

You’ll need a place for your products to live – that’s where our Web team steps in. We’ll hook you up with a full WooCommerce site built on WordPress that’s fluid, mobile responsive, and optimized for rich media, payment options, killer SEO, and custom control of any parameter.

Trademark/Brand Registration

Fast-track your trademark and brand protection with a dedicated team.

Amazon Store Setup and Onboarding

Amazon accounts for a third of all e-commerce sales in the United States. We’ll set you up with a stellar presence, from brand registry to optimized listings, on the Fulfilled by Amazon platform – and then we’ll make your channel pop so your products get noticed.

“Without Logistics For Hire I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

– Marie Pellegrino, HelloBabyWonder