Our mission is to help new and existing companies avoid the pitfalls our team has found over our tenure in the Retail, Wholesale and Fulfillment arenas. Striving to simplify and navigate the tasks of starting up or growing an ECommerce business. Striving to assist, enlighten, and provide our clients with high-quality services and a high-quality product, CommerceBlitz.

Logistics For Hire Mission

Who We Are

Hugh Sinclair


Hugh comes from an engineering background with a focus on logistics and systems design. Having studied Architectural and Mechanical Design at Lincoln Technical Institute. Using his knowledge and background he went on to hold major positions at such storied firms as Shen Milsom and Wilke and Audio Incorporated. He left the field to begin a project resulting in our CommerceBlitz platform. Within the first year of operation, the project was handling more than $5 million in revenue holding a steady retail operation while developing the cutting edge, messenger based logistics platform now called CommerceBlitz which is at the core of Logistics for Hire.

Bernard Wall

Logistics Manager

With over twenty years of combined retail, wholesale, and warehousing experience, Bernard comes from a strong customer service background. Whether it involves pulling single items for order fulfilment, loading and unloading trucks, routing LTL shipments, or customer service management in person or via phone and correspondence, he has shown exemplary commitment to placing the needs of the customer and client first. At Logistics For Hire, Bernard oversees B2B fulfilment, including but not limited to, shipping and receiving services, BOL and PL creation, LTL routing and other logistical coordination. In addition, he has been heavily involved with the management of customer service protocols, using fulfilment channel best practices to maintain stable metrics, top seller ratings, and high praise customer reviews.

Gagan Dhaliwal "G"

Account Manager

Gagan Dhaliwal is an account manager at Logistics For Hire, who partners with a team of specialists and developers to oversee and grow client accounts. After spending nearly half a decade working in E-commerce and with logistics’ teams, Gagan knows through experience what it takes to maintain healthy metrics and keep your business expanding. He has a diverse background in education, having attended Lincoln Technical Institute and Rutgers University, which helped him develop the tools to communicate with our different departments coherently and efficiently. Being skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of fields, he can see things from many different perspectives, opening a wide range of new approaches and ideas on projects.

Ryan Kuppersmith

Logistical Specialist

Ryan comes from a work background focused heavily on office IT solutions as well as business marketing. He has used these previous work experiences to help him hone a set of skills that are tailored to the retail industry. During his almost 8 years of retail experience, Ryan has had his hands on almost every part of the business. He is specially equipped to handle the management of online retail accounts as well the work needed for orders that come from the various sales channels. His specialties are EDI order creation and management, general order and warehouse management, retail listings improvement, as well as marketing and advertising.

Mihael Korac

Inventory Management Specialist

Mihael started with the team over 5 years ago where he began work in product creation. He soon advanced to be the product creation Team Leader and in time moved into pricing and inventory management. He has a specialized skill-set with all Amazon uploads and has extensive experience with managing the intricate processes of many other online sales channels. He is a model team player and often collaborates with our IT and logistics teams to resolve any potential sales channel issues.

Mohamed Kouta

Full Charge Bookkeeper

Mohamed is the Full Charge Bookkeeper at Logistics For Hire, Inc. He describes accounting as “the backbone of the business.” As full charge bookkeeper, he loves being able to help us keep growing. He Ensures accurate and timely processing of accounting data. Mohamed is responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable functions, balancing cash, generating invoices, managing payroll as well as handling HR paperwork. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking, and currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in accounting.

Michael Mucci

Director, Programming and Development

Michael has been working in the information technology field since 2011 focusing on building systems and programming system interactions. With an Advanced Degree in Computer Science, he has worked for both private and public institutions developing complex software systems. His focus has always been on Production system selection based on efficiency and reliability, with an emphasis on using well-vetted open source solutions. Michael has constantly focused on marrying the need for staying on the cutting edge of the industry by mitigating the performance limitations of various components of complex systems like internal networks, operating system scheduling systems and system hardware components.

Dragan Kovac

Specialist, Programming and Development

Dragan comes with more than 15 years in the industry. A very experienced developer with broad knowledge of technologies, processes and how-to's, which he uses to help us in company development. Ever growing business demands are more complex each day, and his experience proves to be invaluable, especially when crucial keywords need to be addressed - timelines, budget, future and proofing. This ensures the highest quality of the services provided both to us and our customers. His specialties are backend services and processes, databases, API connectors and data transformation and optimization.

David Paik

IT Operation Product Manager

The IT Operations Manager for Logistics For Hire. He attended New York University from 2000-2004 majoring in Economics. His roles here are to facilitate a fluid and unobstructed workflow. He assists in account setup and integration for new clients and works with the IT team to plan new development tasks and projects. Effectively, he ensures our systems operate so that your systems operate.

Wesley Belle

Warehouse Manager

Wesley is our Warehouse Manager at Logistics For Hire. Wesley has been with us for four years, where he began as warehouse packer and through hard work and dedication became the Warehouse Manager in 2018. Wesley ensures that all packages are shipped correctly and on time, while price checking programs so shipping is cost effective. Other responsibilities include delegation of large projects, packing and preparing freight shipments, and ensuring inventory is accurate. As the Warehouse Manager, he handles receiving of inventory, where he does a quality check for any problems or unexplained occurrences.

Brian Herrera


Brian is an energetic and positive individual who truly believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A jack of all trades worker, he first started out his career as a temporary bookkeeper for the company before moving the warehouse, picking up new skills along the way. He assists the Warehouse Manager with the daily shipping tasks in addition to leading other projects for the company. Brian is committed to the core values of providing the best customer service to our clients at Logistics for Hire. He holds a degree in political science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.