SGrecast Lite: The Best Software for Digital Broadcasting in 2021

Radio is getting harder and more expensive to do online. As corporate mergers consolidate options and throttle small producers, many are looking for alternate avenues for best reaching their communities.

From 2009 to August 2020, Radio Free America was an online streaming community for non-commercial educational and college radio stations that provided broadcasting tools for DJs, stations, and listeners alike. Unfortunately, the tons of stations they had on their roster are now left without a home, as RFA had to shut down due to financial concerns.

And over in the commercial world, ClearChannel and iHeart have pretty much monopolized everything, leaving small broadcasters with insurmountably expensive barriers to entering the digital radio market. There are many DJs and stations wondering if it’s possible for the little guy to have a chance anymore. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution – and it’s available right now. Logistics for Hire has partnered with StreamGuys to roll out a revolutionary new app: SGrecast Lite.

SGrecast Lite combines many of the best features of podcasting and streaming software as a simple experience with a friendly user interface. Using the Audiologgers feature, record straight to the platform 24/7. Take the best parts and schedule for later, either as one-time broadcasts or periodically looped if they feature something that’s especially compelling or popular. Use the record functionality for airchecking and archiving. Manage your content library in the onboard CMS dashboard. Embed a lean podcast player widget onto your website so your fans can access your library at any time!

If you’re new to streaming, and are looking for affordable streaming and archiving services, there’s no real reason to pay a ton of money for services like Buzzsprout, Blubrry, or Podbean. SGrecast takes the most in-demand features and serves them up to you – without any complicated menus or extra things you’ll never use.

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