You’ve grown your business, but you are wearing too many hats. Get back to handling the parts of your business you love and we’ll take care of the rest with our fractional operations and marketing support team.

Warehouse Operational Services

Let us handle the inner workings of your warehouse so you can concentrate on selling. We’ll draft SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documents for Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing, and Truck/Container Packing, and we’ll top it off with specialized training for your logistics team.

Amazon Store Maintenance

If you’re up and running on Amazon, but the day-to-day takes a little more bandwidth than you anticipated, no sweat. Our Accounts team is here to handle your reviews, FBA, and customer service, and report to you as often as you want.

Amazon Brand Registration

We’ll manage the ins and outs of branding and advertising on Amazon, including trademark protections, consistent content, and SEO insights from e-commerce pros.

Amazon Repricing and Monitoring

Eva creates completely new price optimization strategies to increase profits. You win the buy box and no longer price to the bottom

Channel Expansion

Diversifying your channel availability and conquering the marketplace isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’ll handle the lift of optimizing your products for every e-commerce platform you’re on so you get the best out of each while keeping your messaging on point and your product and warehouse teams in the loop.

Inventory Management

Keep selling your stuff! (But let us track it.) Inventory management can be complex, confusing, and cumbersome. The L4H team will keep track of your virtual, physical, future, and in-transit inventory – great news for you AND your accounting/finance teams.

3PL Consulting and Logistics

Let us handle the back-office work so you can get to selling. Using our proprietary software, we’ll give you white glove treatment: shipment receiving, storage, tagging and labeling, freight setup, picking, packing, shipping, and return processing. This takes all the physical work out of your hands, giving you more time to focus on your business needs and growth

“I’m a sales guy at heart. These guys handle everything I don’t want to do so I can focus on sales.”

– Eric Lopez, Eloniu LLC