The technology of automation is now prevalent in different industries. Retail and Wholesale are not immune and it is moving full steam ahead. As business models for companies are drastically changing and adapting to the new environments. Companies must stay on top of the ball and not fall behind. That's why we make it our mission to assist, enlighten, and provide our clients with high-quality services and a high-quality product, CommerceBlitz.

CommerceBlitz Wholesale B2B Suite

CommerceBlitz Wholesale provides a robust platform for your Buyers’ ease of ordering and your Sales People’s piece of mind; proving the Sales Team the ability to Quote, Invite and Schedule orders. Our Wholesale platform is an APP available on the Shopify Store. Easy to integrate with an existing Shopify Account and adds access to so much more. View a lifetime of orders, check shipping and use Shopify shipping for Retail packages. Take advantage of a checkout system everyone trusts. Store a catalog of product data on a secure server that is capable of handling millions of orders. This system will grow with you and has an introductory price that is very inviting.

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CMS and More

Built into Shopify is a fantastic Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and we have added all the wholesale and client features you need to keep track of customers and their orders. Integrated with payment tools, shipping tools, and completely compatible with CommerceBlitz Warehouse and other Shopify Apps.
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Draft Orders and Quotes

Draft future orders and Pre Season orders for your clients. Prep and quote orders long before stock is available. Adjust pricing and apply discounts to orders or clients.
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Catalog Management Tools

Your online catalog is important information that needs to be presented to the customer clearly. Just a picture and a name is not something that works in this day and age. These tools allow for a better Google position, access to Marketplaces with an easier roll-out, and providing consistent information to your retailers. There are, of course, more benefits of properly categorized product and all of them will help generate more sales.

CommerceBlitz Warehouse Software

CommerceBlitz Warehouse is the engine that powers every angle of business logistics in the online world. It powers the sales channels, warehousing, drop shipping, returns processing, logistical coordination and provides the information and insight needed to run a business while taking advantage of multiple third-party sales channels. CommerceBlitz reflects the philosophy of its creators in that a holistic view of the sales process should be incorporated into a single set of tools. This single set of tools allows for the exchange of information by tying into real tangible events such as order creation, inventory management, and shipment information updates, returns processing and more. Although CommerceBlitz is capable of much more than order tracking, this is the logical place to begin. Services provided: Warehousing & Inventory management, Order and Returns management, Fulfillment Tracking, and Multi-Channel Connection.

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WMS and More

Your warehouse can utilize the convenience of our software to track, receive, and fulfill orders accordingly while managing incoming shipments and maintaining accurate inventory levels. Data can be easily exported into sales, order, and inventory reports to enable your staff to effortlessly monitor inventory counts, identify products trending for reorder, and confirm every item ordered is accounted for. In addition, there is an underlying communication line which allows your customer service team to create exchange orders, cancel orders, and also enter special requests for order fulfillment.
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Under Control Omni Channel

For many retailers and wholesalers alike, fulfilling orders across multiple sales channels can be quite overwhelming. The anxiety of having to keep track of all your orders through the purchase, shipment, and return processes, across all marketplaces, is a stress inducing juggling act that will test even the savviest of online sellers. Not to mention that all of this needs to be done while sustaining accurate inventory levels and maintaining healthy metrics standards set by each marketplace. This is where many sellers throw up their hands, drop the ball, and fall flat. Our software solves each of these issues and more, allowing for a greater workload to be taken on by less people.
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Personalized Software

We are committed to producing exceptional software and procedures for each of our clients, and we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our platform. When we set up a system, we work closely with our clients through the roll-out process to ensure that we are staying aligned with user end-goals. Our software is modular and it was built for scalability. Like a semi-custom kitchen, it can be tailored and expanded to fit your needs. This affords you the ability to start small with our base level software and add different modules, as needed, as your business continues to grow. With over seven years of product development under our belts we know we have a stable product that can drive your business into the future. Ready to step up to the next level? Click the button below.
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Logistics For Hire 3PL Warehouse
Setup and Operations

We will receive your shipments, store your products, tag/label items, set up freight shipments, have your order picked, packed, and shipped as well as process your returns. Each order will be shipped with your personalized packing slip/pick ticket containing the companies logo and return procedure. If you have any special inserts you require to ship with each order we will accommodate. We also handle wholesale and retail orders one in the same with a little more cost for case packs. This takes all the physical work out of your hands giving you more time to focus on your business needs and growth.

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Integrated Warehouse

With the ever growing and fast-paced world of e-commerce, it has become essential to get with the flow. Internet sales have dominated entire retail sectors and they continue to grow and outpace other traditional selling avenues. This market shift compels an emphasized focus on the systems that we use to manage our businesses for sustainable growth. This system needs to effectively integrate with a company’s logistical support systems including warehousing and supplier management.
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Standard Operating Procedure Documentation

Implementation of the right procedures and guidelines is crucial for any business with an online presence as it can, and will, directly affect the quality and reputation of a company. Your SOP for receiving, labeling, and stocking products in your inventory, your storage techniques, and your general process of picking, packing, and shipping orders all play a very significant role in determining the overarching success of your business. If any one of these processes is deficient, your business will likely feel the negative impacts.
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Warehouse For you

Think of your warehouse and its services as the legs that keep the business moving. You need your legs to stand on and to support the rest of your body. We recognize this importance so we have worked vigorously to provide a hassle-free, productive warehouse management approach that ties into our CommerceBlitz software system. Organization, methodology, and efficiency are the pillars of our warehouse structure. These core values resonate throughout our company and flow through to our customers clients. If you are looking to have top-notch Warehouse Management Services seamlessly integrated with our software, please click the button below to get started.
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Logistics For Hire Account Services

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Shopify Account Build and Setup

Point of Sale system. Complete with all checkout, customer, custom fields and order tracking features. This can also be used for receiving, entering, and processing orders. Invoices can be generated, and many different payment methods are accepted. A live count of available inventory can be tracked and wholesale orders can be accommodated. Starting with a Shopify web presence is the best way to gear yourself for the future.
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Product Catalog Creation and Management

We will provide a comprehensive product creation (Online Catalog) of your products to help launch your SEO and Advertising efforts. All listings for all channels will be SEO complaint with full product descriptions and all other data points. Set up and manage GS-1 UPCs (purchase of UPCs not included).

Amazon Account Setup

Accounting for 9% of the United States retail sales, Amazon is the leading E-commerce marketplace giving you exposure to millions of different customers. It is highly recommended to have an Amazon account and we specialize in account setup and management. We know what it takes to make a brand pop on Amazon, everything from optimizing listings to brand registrations.

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